Seven Awesome Wedding Invites

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The wedding industry is exploding at the seams with creativity and new ideas. Just when you thought that you’ve seen the best ever invitation, another one comes along to top that one. It’s impossible to choose just one, so we’ve rounded up the neatest ones we’ve seen in a longest time. Some invitations may top these eventually, but they’re definitely up there in the grand scheme of the coolest and most awesome wedding invitations.

1. Record Player Invite
A record player invite? Sure, been there, done that. But a paper record player invite that actually PLAYS MUSIC? Created by designer Kelli Anderson for her friends Mike and Karen, the paper record player invite folds together in a true paper craft fashion. Fold, then position the needle along one of the invitation’s grooves, crank and it plays a song composed and performed by the bride and groom.

2. 8-bit Invite
Love video games? This couple obvious does. They enlisted illustrator Carla Berrocal to design a unique wedding invite that screams of the 1980s and Atari.

3. Stop Motion Wedding
For some couples, video is the way to go. And if you’re an artist yourself, you get to call the shots. Over 5,500 shots actually, as groom Corey McKenna took for this stop motion wedding invite that took about 5 months to make.

4. Long Distance Wedding Story Invite
A lot of people like sharing their wedding stories. Jill and Matt shared theirs in the most engrossing way, as demonstrated by the sheer number of webpages that reposted their wedding invitation.

5. Trinket Invite
Invite meets wedding favor with this trinket invite. This invite, for Tamera and Sean’s wedding featured a small, handcrafted wooden box packed with a gocco-printed invitation card, assorted trinkets for each member of the family invited, a small green notebook with travel notes and quaint little items like a carved wooden mushroom and a gold arrow and leaf.

6. Film Invite
When two professional photographers get together, it’s only natural that their wedding revolves around the job they love. Larissa and Trevor gathered some film canisters up and enlisted a small group of friends to craft an invitation that mirrored their passion.

7. Red Balloon Invite
Inspired by Albert Lamorisse’s short film, The Red Balloon, Jenn and Cyr’s inflatable balloon invite requires a little bit of help from the recipient, but after it has been blown up, the guests are rewarded with the details and actual wedding invite.

Created with passion and inspiration, these invites set the tone for a unique and truly memorable wedding. Do you have favorites that didn’t make the list? Share them in the comments section!

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